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Reel me in

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Reel me in

merely a fish in a sea of lies, but when I had found the courage to seek truth through you, You had left me bare, without secrets and stripped of any chance I had to come out alive. you dug the hook deep within my mouth and pulled out my heart. Although to you, i was a fish and to others I was as rare as the mermaids themselves. i have no choice but to turn my back. you had the ill-est of intentions. and there i stood blank stare, emotionless just as the fisherman before.

If you must go, leave with my heart.

The chaotic way that I obnoxiously used to tell you i loved you. your face lit with fear, and that was the moment I knew. That alone simply left me with something to hold on to. But something has changed. I see it all so clearly. I must let you go.