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Like the key to your heart

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Like the key to your heart

She left without a note. It troubled my mind more than it ever did. It sounds cliche to say, that I still smell the scent of jasmine on the linens and the sound of her high heels in the kitchen –much like the last times she swore she had enough. She packed her toothbrush she left in the medicine cabinet to the right of the aspirin. And took her white hairbrush she leaves unreservedly on the nightstand, in which she brushes three times through the tangles in her hair, wraps in a messy bun only to wake in the morning with knots in her hair. She left with her jacket. Her undying obsession with lord and Taylor gets the best of my paycheck. The closet in disarray. Hangers on the floor. Much like my pride. But something is different on this occasion. But I am unable to decipher. I make my way to the foyer. And there goes all hope. Not only did she leave without a note, with her toothbrush and clothes. She left this time without a key….. –she left this time.

Reel me in

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Reel me in

merely a fish in a sea of lies, but when I had found the courage to seek truth through you, You had left me bare, without secrets and stripped of any chance I had to come out alive. you dug the hook deep within my mouth and pulled out my heart. Although to you, i was a fish and to others I was as rare as the mermaids themselves. i have no choice but to turn my back. you had the ill-est of intentions. and there i stood blank stare, emotionless just as the fisherman before.

Cooking with love

Cooking with love

You are the chef, and you are aware of your intensions, you have people to impress. Season me with the flavor of your love, give me sweet satire and ready me for the roast. Treat me tenderly and handle with precision. Flour me up with misconception. Blind me from the truth and once I’ve had my time to soak in the egg wash that gives me a touch of clarity; Bring out your finest cast iron and heat the oil to a temperature as boiling as my blood. Lay me down in the heat, give me a fighting chance. Roll me around so that I finish in a toast. It’s time, I’m ready, cut me up with your sharpest knives and present me on a bed of anguish. You have succeeded… In the recipe for disaster. 

From shore to shore and peak to peak


When you close your eyes and imagine your wildest dreams. What is it that you seek? When the crash sets in and the release sets free, who is it that you will be. In the garden where you burry your sorrows, what will you have to hide? As for me, I am full of regret. But in the very sense of complacency it is this very stigma I find myself enraptured by. If I could envision just for the moment that when we set sail for our destination,can we depend on the fulfillment of our journey be destined by faith an not of ill fortune. But within our best wishes and best of intensions we are able to place not only our hears but our mindset toward this journey. And all the while, ill plan to forgive myself, to regret regets, and stand beside myself when I know that no one is able. The key to moving forward in this journey is about, is trusting yourself and your instincts. Though wherever life will lead you, wether it be by guided light or a sense of willingness to walk the path alone. In the midst of the chaos, find yourself, trust your judgment and you shall not be lead askew.

Lets turn the page


Build a story with me. Lets reminisce on the past while we escape to the future.


.   And there lie the last puzzle piece of that cotton candy sky and yet the bigger picture was so rigid, yet unclear.  At the top of the vast oak tree there was a following burst of light.  But within me, I found trouble disassembling the pieces which made the puzzle complete.  The gleaming shine of light was located beyond the oak.  The light signified the triumph.   I thought desperately, searching as far back as my memory would allow me.  Was there a moment I could refer to as my triumph?  Feeling saddened, I stepped into the cold bathroom tile.  Something caught my eye as I passed the mirror and I took a long hard look.  The person I am today was the triumph.  Over the years, I have successfully been aware of the struggles, the alleviators, and the dreams I will make reality.  It took me almost all of my life to truly understand who I am.  So let me formally introduce myself.  My name is Danica Taylor; I am Pre-Law and English too many minors to count.  I enjoy giving advice, bright colors attract me.   I randomly burst into song.  I believe the skills of a leader maybe be perceived as abnormal.  I once believed a Misogynist was one who gave massages.  I believe that smiling can brighten the gloomiest of days.  My philosophy is that “life is like a bowl of cherries-life is simple yet sweet”.  I had no idea how to spell my middle name until 7th grade and I still talk to Tom Brady via T.V screen pleading for him to the make a touchdown.  But most of all, I am Danica Taylor and now know who I am and what I desire to accomplish in life.  In retrospect, I consider my life much like a puzzle.  By putting pieces together to complete the picture, I have taken from this experience a new method of time management and an understanding of what opportunities to forgo. In my life I will be presented with an opportunity to not only broaden my horizons but a chance to put to use my new skills and experiences I’ve learned from my journeys and accomplish my goals and dreams for a better future.  And the pieces all came into place. “I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.  I played pretend between the trees, and fed my houseguests bark and leaves, and laughed in my pretty bed of green.  I had a dream that I could fly from the highest tree.  I had a dream.”