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Without trying to give my full biography of who I am and where I am from Let’s start with basics, I was given the name Danica Raèl Taylor on the brightest morning on February 22nd in 1992.  It was always warm in manila Philippines especially on that- well I might be exaggerating a bit. One more time, for the win.  My name is Danica and I was born in Manila, Philippines.  It might be always sunny in manila, with the exception of the tsunamis and hurricanes that is. Surprisingly I will be graduating from College soon and i still don’t know math.  I currently go to a University in the smallest but the most beautiful place in the world (sarcasm) but for me, it’s the closest thing to paradise. I study Law and english to hopefully become another one of the some odd million people with a dream to become a millionaire in Law. But I know that the difference between an entrepreneur and a thinker is that an entrepreneur “does” when a thinker only imagines.  That will be what sets me apart from the rest.  I have strong beliefs that if you’ve ever been hurt before, do someone a favor and try not to hurt them that same way you have.  In my opinion the five best traits in life our patience to the 5th power.  A trait I am still trying to learn.  I like to write myself notes and put them in the back of my phone battery in case my phone drops, the upside to that is, “have faith in what is broken.”  No pun intended.   Also, I believe it’s imperative to contribute to the society by community service currently I have 700 hours and working my way up 1000 eventually.  Now to start with pretty, I am severally addicted to fashion.  My 12000 dollar a month salary goes to UGG boots, Victoria secret and Niemen Marcus when I don’t have to pay for tuition.  I don’t believe in Credit cards because the only purpose for them is to borrow money and end up paying almost triple what you borrowed.  But I still have several, I’m a hypocrite.  How else am I going to stay with the latest Mcqueen trends?  Other than that, there is one thing you should really know. Every day I analyze the word dream.  The word dream spoke to me as something unreal.   When we lay our weary bodies to rest, we dream.  But I wouldn’t let my aspirations become a thing of the past.   Over the years I have successfully been aware of what makes me the woman I am today.  And if the world doesn’t end before 2020 those dreams I will make reality.

25302_383160448417_554378417_3619150_3254639_n(thats meh)

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